Friday, November 20, 2015

Our Day With Kelly DiPucchio

Today was an amazing day!  A day for which we'd been preparing off and on since the beginning of the school year. Our annual author visit had arrived:  Best selling author, Kelly DiPucchio, spent the day at our school.  Let me just say, she was AWESOME!

The school and library were decorated and ready to greet Kelly when she arrived!

Student books were purchased and ready to be signed.

Lucky fourth graders were chosen to introduce Kelly.

Throughout the day, Kelly captivated audiences of all ages with a variety of interesting, entertaining presentations.

Kelly talks about "How a Book is Born".

Students learn what it's like to be an author.

Kelly reads from The Sandwich Swap.

Students learn about beginning, middle, end (and supporting details) by retelling/building a giant sandwich.

Students couldn't wait for their turn to meet Kelly and have her sign their books.

Each visit ended with, of course, BACON....

Because....EVERYONE LOVES BACON!!!  (500 slices of it!!!)

Thank you, Kelly DiPucchio, for making today such a special day!