Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Day!

Last Friday, I had my first mock Newbery Book Club meeting.  The process had started a month ago when twelve fourth grade students were chosen, and agreed, to be part of my district's mock Newbery Book Club.  There are twelve students from each of our three buildings. (I am lucky to work with amazing fellow teacher-librarians Carrie Davies and Katie Lawrence!)

For the last month, students have been reading the books on our mock Newbery list and stopping in to chat with me. However, last Friday was the first time that they were all together in the same place at the same time.  I thought through what I was planning to do with them...the things I'd bring up, the questions I'd ask, the discussions we'd have. As they came came into the library they all congregated in our meeting space.  As I walked over to join them, I was delighted by the conversations that had already begun.

Who had read what?
Who had read a particular title so the ending could be discussed?
Books that had surprised them.
Recommendations for which book they should be read next.
Books they wanted their friends to read...their parents to read.

I came to a realization. (Actually, it pretty much smacked me in the face!)  It was something that I already knew! I hadn't needed to plan anything at all.  These readers just wanted to talk about what they were reading...with people who would listen, understand and share.  Just like I do every day with members with my reading tribe!

I joined in the conversations...never leading, only participating.  My reading heart was happy because their reading hearts were happy!