Saturday, November 17, 2018

Laurie Keller Day!

After weeks of preparation the big day had arrived...

Laurie Keller Author Visit Day!

Books read.  Artwork created.  Displays assembled.  November 16 was finally here!

When my colleague, Carrie Davies, and I learned that we would be sharing an additional library this year, we both knew that Laurie Keller would be the perfect person to bring as our first author/illustrator visit!  Her books and her presentations were sure to bring the excitement that we were hoping for in our new space....and THAT they did.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful day!

Welcomes ready.

Laurie Keller and enjoyed!

Artwork created.
(Shoutout to art teacher, Rosie Haugen!)

Student introductions.

Laurie working her magic with students.

Students doing the Robot.
(or, on Laurie Keller Day...the Po-bot!)

Creating characters.

Excited illustrators.

Book signings.

and, of course....DOUGHNUTS!

Great author, great kids, great school...GREAT DAY!
(Special thanks to our PTO for helping make this day possible!)

The excitement of Laurie Keller Day even spread to the dentist's office, where a student found a Laurie Keller book.  She and her mom read it together while they waited. 
(Parental permission granted.)