Friday, February 10, 2017

Our Day With Author/Illustrator Aaron Zenz

Today was an amazing day.  Our long-awaited author visit with Aaron Zenz!  We had spent the last several weeks looking at Aaron's writing and artwork, and finally the day had arrived where kids would finally have the opportunity to meet him.

So much anticipation, and Aaron did not disappoint.  

Joined by his friend, Opie, Aaron shared with K-2 students the art process for The Hiccupotomus.  


Third graders learned about the whole book-making process as well and Aaron's tips of observation and exaggeration for drawing facial expressions.

Fourth graders learned about rhyme scheme and wrote poetry.  Aaron then illustrated their poem on the spot.

Special time was set aside to talk with Aaron while he signed books.

And, of course, a special treat...

"Cakes of green and yellowphant!" (from The Hiccupotomus by Aaron Zenz)

Thank you, Aaron Zenz for an amazing day!