Thursday, August 18, 2016

SAIL (Summer Activities In the Library)

Last night was our SAIL (Summer Activities In the Library) night!  My teacher-librarian colleagues had hosted their nights in June and July...August's night was at my school.  This year's theme was animals.

When families came in, they chose from a large assortment of animal books (fiction and nonfiction) and found a comfortable place to read together.

Students then gathered together to share what they had been reading this summer and to enjoy a couple of read alouds.  To go along with our animal theme, students enjoyed listening to Adam Lehrhaupt's Warning: Do Not Open this Book! and Please, Open this Book.

Watch the book trailers for these two awesome books.

Warning:  Do Not Open this Book

Please, Open this Book

Students were then free to return to their reading or explore book related stations.

After reading about spiders and insects, students were able to create their own and make a yummy treat!
Student use art supplies to create their own spiders and insects.

Ants on a Log

Students read about snakes, snake skins and other animal body coverings and then explored real snake skins.
Reading about snakes.

Taking a close look at a snake skin.
Students read about birds, investigated real bird nests and made bird bookmarks.

Students read directions to make origami animals.
Carefully following directions.

And as always, students had the opportunity to exchange their summer reading books and take home a new bag full of great books!
Even the younger siblings of students get to take books home!

It was a fun night of reading, sharing, creating and exploring!

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