Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Picture Book Speed Dating

I am always trying to find ways to make sure that my staff is aware of new books in our library. Whether it's sending out "Book Notes" on Sunday nights or setting up displays in the lounge, I want to make sure that they know about all the incredible books that are being added into our library.

Yesterday I had an event at lunchtime.  Picture Book Speed Dating!  This was an opportunity for staff to sign up to come get a quick glimpse of many newer titles.  I figured that Valentine season was a fun time to spread the "book love"...(well, anytime is a great time to spread book love!)

The lights were dimmed...the romantic music was playing...the table was set (complete with cookies and chocolates!).

Each place setting included a list of the books that they would be "meeting", so that teachers could jot a couple quick notes (if they wanted) about each book.

Staff members grabbed their lunches and came to the library.  After taking their seats, I explained that they would have about two minutes with each book.  At the end of two minutes, a bell would ring, they could jot a note or two and they would pass their book to the left....grab a couple quick bites and get ready for the next round!

Over the course of the lunch period, staff shared comments, laughs, treats and 14 new (to them) picture books!

After every four rounds I had a drawing to win a free book!  Everyone loves winning books!

Friends, Food and Books...the perfect lunch!