Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Adventures of Dudley! (and how YOU Can Help!!!)

This is Dudley!

In my third year of teaching I purchased Dudley, bought him a nice travel bag and journal, and started sending him home with a different student each night.  The students would read a book to Dudley, help him write in his journal (from his point of view) and  return him to school the next day, sharing his adventures from the night before.  Dudley went home with students for TWENTY years. Because he was so well loved, he always returned (though one time he got left on the bus for a week and we had to write about "where in the world Dudley could possibly be". Incredible writing, by the way!)  I was always amazed at the excitement that Dudley caused...Younger sibling of former students would come into my class in the fall knowing that it was "their turn" to finally bring Dudley home and anxiously look for him. High school graduates would come back to visit and one of the first questions they would ask was "Do you still have Dudley?",  Every night for twenty years meant that Dudley visited a lot of homes, had a lot of adventures and did A LOT of reading and writing.

Students would often take photos of him to share with the class.

When I became a teacher-librarian, two years ago, Dudley took a spot on a library shelf.  Though students still love to read with him, the time has come for Dudley to embark on a NEW ADVENTURE.

Would you be willing to have Dudley visit you? your home? your classroom? your library?

I would like to send Dudley on a trip around the country this school year.  He would be delivered (via US postal) to you.  I would ask that you:

  • Take a picture of Dudley reading a book that you (or your students or your family) would recommend to my students. (Be as creative as you'd like...we'd even love to see Dudley reading by some of your local landmarks.) 
  • Either email or tweet the picture(s) to us so that we can chart Dudley's progress and compile of list of Dudley's reading recommendations.  
  • Then, mail Dudley to his next destination. 

Dudley will come to you with complete instructions, our email address/Twitter handle(s), and a list of names/addresses so you know where to mail Dudley next.

Please email me at or send me a message on Twitter (@strohreads) if you would be willing to participate in DUDLEY'S ADVENTURE (#DudsAdventure)

Thanks, in advance, for your help!!!

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