Friday, October 17, 2014

Our Visit with the Amazing Natalie Lloyd

If you have read A Snicker of Magic (Scholastic, 2014) by Natalie Lloyd you know that it's a book filled with kindness, compassion, beauty and heart.  Well, after today's Skype visit with Natalie Lloyd, it is more than apparent that the author is filled with all of these things and more!

All of our fourth grade classes started the year with their teacher reading A Snicker of Magic as their read aloud selection.  Kids were excited because Snicker had been one of our Battle of the Books selections last year, so some of them had already read it.  They were more than anxious to hear it again.

Today, we had the distinct pleasure of having Natalie visit our library via Skype.  We were SO excited to "meet" her and have to chance to listen to her...and ask her some questions.  She was AMAZING!  The kids were immediately drawn into her charming, enthusiastic personality.  She shared about her journey with A Snicker of Magic...and...we even got to meet Biscuit!

The wonderful Natalie Lloyd!
Fourth graders listen to the inspiration for A Snicker of  Magic.

This is what my students had to say about Natalie:

Carter:  I really liked Natalie because she was nice and she didn’t make us nervous to ask questions at all.
Lillian:  It was interesting to learn how she used her real family and friends to form her characters.

Logan: I liked Natalie because she shared the different covers of A Snicker of Magic from other countries.

Naveah:  I liked how she told us how she thought of the book and its name.

Brooke.  Natalie is a really nice person to talk with.

Lydia:  I like how she named the dog in her book after her own dog!

After our visit we had a special drawing for copies of A Snicker of Magic that I purchased and autographed bookmarks that Natalie so graciously sent us.
Some lucky winners got some great prizes!

There is no question that today's visit and A Snicker of Magic really made their mark on my students!

Thank you Natalie for a beautiful book...and for making our day absolutely SPINDIDDLY!